This page is intended to enable the consultation of tables, summary tables, display panels, application and assembly instructions, without the need to access the PRODUCTS section.

Some tables and summary tables are also a useful tool for the preliminary choice of items belonging to our product’s families in order to compare the main features of similar products, allowing you to identify the most suitable solutions for your specific needs.

This section is in fact a kind of technical library that we believe will be useful for engineers, designers, installers or anyone interested in the use of our products.

We welcome your suggestions to make this section even more complete in content and easier to be consulted.


01 – certificato ISO9000_2008 – 2015.pdf
02 – Tolleranze ISO DIN7154-7155.pdf
03 – Limiti di tolleranza DIN ISO 2768.pdf
04 – Coppie di serraggio-resistenza dadi e bulloni.pdf
05 – Frenafiletti in poliammide.pdf
06 – Frenafiletti in microcapsule.pdf
07 – Mazzuoli – Tabella applicazioni.pdf
07 – Mazzuoli Simplex – Istruzioni di montaggio.pdf
07 – Mazzuoli Supercraft – Istruzioni sostituzione teste e manico.pdf
08 – Bloccaggi a ginocchiera – principio del punto morto.pdf
09 – Ruote industriali – specifiche, formule e dimensionamenti.pdf
10 – Grippers – dati tecnici e istruzioni di montaggio.pdf