AGINT exist in its present form since 1973, but since the late 60s he was active as a division of Agostini International, a trade organization engaged in the sale of large machine tools.

Currently AGINT distributes nationally a wide range of technologically advanced components and systems for construction equipment, machinery and mechanical devices for industry, not just mechanical.

The completeness of the proposed range gives us the opportunity to advance technology proposals in an impartial manner, with the exclusive objective of meeting the real and practical needs of the customer.agint02

The thirty years of experience in various fields of application allows us to offer ourselves as competent and reliable partner, both commercially and on that of pre-and post-sales technical advice.

The team, composed of young and technically prepared, is called upon to give support to the customer with a focus on the quality of products, services and procedures, as part of a Quality System Certificate.

Attention to quality is the real basis of reputation and tradition of Agint and its partners and is an effective guarantee for the protection of customer which, in turn, can transfer it with confidence to its customers.